Look what followed me home today!

  1. A black nappa leather B. Bag w/ patent trim!! :nuts: It's pictured below and then there's a joint pic of my new Fendi Family!

    I don't even know how this ended up in my grubby little paws, I was just browsing around in Bloomies today and next thing I know the SA was ringing me up. Is there any treatment for this "Dissociative Shopping Disorder" of mine? :lol: I'm glad I saw it IRL though because I was considering ordering the all-patent online, but I saw them both and preferred this one.

    Well, between this and the fortuny Spy, I've done more than enough shopping for a while! Okay...maybe I need to find the buckled shoes to match, but that's IT!! :lol:
    DSC00348.JPG DSC00351.JPG
  2. Congrats!
  3. Those are really nice Fendis! :nuts: The B looks great with the Fortuny! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous! Love them both.
  5. they are both gorgeous! congratulations!
  6. LOVE!!! :love::love: If you can please take pics of this on your arm. Thanks!
  7. altho i dont really like black but that B bag is so fab!!! oh my,i just cant get my eyes off of ur hologram spy too!!!!.....Urghhhh I NEED ONE! congrats!!!
  8. Love your Spy and B bag... I almost fell into the hands of a bloomies sales associate (15% off your purchase by opening bloomies card) but the SPY they had was not the one i wanted :sad:

    Congrats on your purchase!!!
  9. very nice!! =D
  10. Love it!
  11. congrats!
  12. STUNNNNNNNNING :wtf: :wtf: i looove them both .. GORGEOUS :wtf:
  13. oooooo congrats!!! I love it!!
  14. love 'em both!
  15. Love!!!! Especially love the B Bag.