Look what followed me home from LV

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    Got a call from my SA inviting me to see the fall/winter 2012 show collection and also the new Kusama line.
  2. So pretty!! Congrats!
  3. Thanks.:smile:
  4. Gorgeous! I wish something like that followed me home once in awhile :P
  5. Wow that's so pretty :biggrin:
  6. Is that the wooly baby gold? Trying to keep track of all the new bag names.


    Gorgeous!!! One of my HG.
  7. image-478873833.png

    Yes, it's the wooly baby bag in Monogram Sunshine Express. It was love at first sight.
  8. Love this! So pretty!
  9. It's gorgeous... Perfect
  10. Thank you all :smile:
  11. OMG-Spectacular & would be a hard thing to miss if it followedme home w/all of that Fabulous Bling-Beautiful!
  12. pretty, congrats!
  13. Beautiful purchase .. love the colour of the leather:smile:
  14. Beauty, congrats!
  15. :woohoo: gorgeous!!! I tried purple one too bad it didn't follow me home.
    Congrats!! Hope you can rock it soonest possible. Please take pic and share here when you are taking Baby out.:smile: