Look what followed me home...BV #2 and #3!

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  1. Hey - how do these things find out where I live? I'll be in big trouble later this week when I visit the BV boutique in the windy city! Since I am a newbie here, any information about these two would be appreciated...

    BV#2 My little zippered pouch in a pretty ombre:


    BV#3 An ocean tote with cool brass hardware and a wonderful large inner zippered pocket:


    BVombrecosbag.jpg BVoceantote.jpg BVoceantote1.jpg
  2. Wow what beautiful colors! Congrats on your gorgeous buys! I love the ombre pouch especially. Enjoy! :heart::love:
  3. Yay, I was watching that ombre zipper pouch and thought you must have gotten it. Such pretty colours!! And the ocean tote!! Looks like you are ready for beach already.

    Congrats on your lovely purchases!! Oh BTW, love your napkin holder too!!
  4. Haha! They just followed you home, huh?:graucho: Those pesky little accessories do the same to me.;)

    Seriously, this blue is such a refreshing color. And the ombre is lovely. Superb taste, as always, jburgh.:yes:
  5. Beautiful! What good taste you have jburgh
  6. Congrats! The blue is a beauty!
  7. jburgh, I see that you have caught on quickly to the BV addiction! :p Congratulations on your BV#2 and BV#3. They are lovely.
  8. I love your ombre pouch!! Is it really as pink as it looks in the pic? The blue is very springy and pretty.
  9. such lovely additions to your ferro sloane ;) of course they should follow you home!

    not sure what the official style name of the blue tote is, the smaller version though is called the 'capri bag' (perfect for my size but not sure if this can hold the things i normally carry). the catalog also just lists the zippered pouch as the 'intrecciato nappa cosmetic case'.
  10. I love the blue bag. I have never seen Bottega in that color. It is so pretty!
  11. congrats, jburgh. love, love, love, the ombre pouch!
  12. Wow, jburgh, your Sloane has gotten company! The Oceano color is so refreshing to look at and I love the ombré piece! BTW, the tote is one of their classics, too. I don`t think it has a name though!
  13. ^ NAP calls it shopper tote! LOL. Congrats on the wonderful additions!!
  14. jburgh, the pouch will look pretty inside your ferro sloane! The blue tote is very pretty too. The color reminds me of springtime. Travel safely and have a good time!
  15. wow!! congrats on the great purchases! now we need some action pics!