Look what finally came in from the cleaners!

  1. kathykelly.jpg
  2. Fendigal, she is GORGEOUS!!!:love: :love: :love:
  3. She's gorgeous!! And they didn't put too much starch!!!
  4. ^^ :roflmfao:

    She's a beauty!
  5. Absolutely stunning--looks fantastic!
  6. Thanks, I'm so excited!!
  7. Looks gorgeous Fendigal!
  8. Your bag is gorgeous !!!!
    Congrats Fendigal !!!!!!!!
  9. Beautiful bag!!! Congratulations!
  10. congratulations, she's beautiful!!!
    what size and leather?
  11. 32 cm, Chamonix! It feels wonderful to the touch!
  12. Lovely color! Congrats!!
  13. Great size and leather, fendigal!!! Happy for you that she is home, enjoy!
  14. A stunning classic, forever bag!
  15. oh that is a real pretty bag.. and yup, you will love her forever... congrats.