Look what fedex dropped off today!!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED =)

  1. My black/white downtown from the Spring '08 collection is finally here!!!! :woohoo::woohoo: I originally planned on selling this bag even before it arrived because I found out it was black leather/white canvas (even though NM website describted it as all leather). However, as soon as I opened it, I totally fell in love! The canvas is treated/painted white so it's really structured actually. Although, it definitely feels prone to dirt/stains. But I just can't help how gorgeous it is! I'm gonna take it for a "test run" tomorrow at work when I know I have the least chance of ruining it....the we'll see how I feel. If I feel too worried about getting it dirty, then off to eBay it goes :confused1:

    And here are modeling pics as well! Also, I can't believe that this bag is only a Medium! It's huge!

    (oh yea, question...do your downtowns have Y-S-L embossed on the bottom? I thought that was cool ;) )
    Photo 23.jpg Photo 18.jpg Photo 21.jpg Photo 19.jpg
  2. veryy nice,congrats!
  3. Congrats! It looks GREAT on you! :woohoo:

    I understand why you want to keep it now, it is a gorgeous bag!:tup:
  4. You should definitely keep it, this bag looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I believe only certain style downtown has that embossed YSL on the bottom.
    Congrats again on your purchase and enjoy!
  5. Congratulations! It's really gorgeous. Love it.
  6. So pretty! no wonder you cant part with it! Congrats
  7. wow, that's a very fresh looking bag! love it, keep it!!
  8. Great bag...looks good on you. It does look bigger then I thought it would be.

    I'm still a YSL virgin...LOL
  9. It's gorgeous! Do you think you can scotchguard the canvas? Or, do you think YSL has already protected it?
  10. Congrats and enjoy. Beautiful bag.
  11. Congratulations, it's really striking and the canvas takes what is normally a heavy-looking, leather bag and gives it a light, very summer-y feel. You'll have to let us know how the test run works out!
  12. Thank you Ladies! She held up pretty well today during my test run. I used one of my dust bags to house all my things inside the bag since the inside is also white. I'm not sure I can stand doing this all the time.

    I think she might have to go....although I really don't wanna sell on eBay esp after the horror stories i've read today. Any other ways to sell? I may just post on myspace or something. Maybe one of my friends would be interested. That way, I know where they live if they try to rip me off =)

    I'm also starting to miss my Med Tribute =( I think I may buy one in a diff color as my lrg quilted croc. I just saw an amazing photo of Jen Aniston wearing one with a very sophisticated outfit.
  13. Love your new YSL.....congrats, I hope you decide to keep it !!!
  14. If you planned on selling it before it arrived why didn't you just send it back?
    It is a stunning bag and looks great on you. I myself would not last a day with a white bag.
    I hope it works out for you in what ever you decide to do.
  15. I actually couldn't get a refund or exchange. I tried that already...they told me that since I got it for a special discount (which I did), I had to keep it.

    I'm not sure if you guys remember that whole ordeal with NM advertizing this bag on their website for like $200 something and a bunch of us actually ordered it...then they sent us the wrong bag (some Kooba clutch). so I complained and they did end up giving me the bag for a discount....but with a no return/exchange clause.