Look what eLuxury dropped off today!!!

  1. Yay!!!! :yahoo: My very first LV. Mono Speedy 30. I keep looking at it and can't believe it's mine. I am so glad I got the 30. It's smaller than I thought it would be. I love love love it. And thanks to all you girls for your information that I have learned over the last month or so. I wanted to get the BH (DH is going to get it for me for Christmas) but I decided on the Speedy for my first. THANKS everyone!!! :yes:
    resizeLV1.jpg resizeLV2.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your first LV. Good Choice.
  3. congrats~~
  4. Congrats ! :biggrin:
  5. Do you mean Mono Speedy? Your wrote MC. But Congrats either way, it's great!
  6. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  7. Fixed
  8. Congrats! Now you're hooked just like the rest of us, haha :lol:
  9. I know, I know...:graucho:

    I know I should mark my pics but I have no idea how to do it. I can't believe I actually put pics on here.
  10. Congrats..great choice..
  11. Congrats! Enjoy this bag to the fullest! :party:

    ......Elux sends the whitest vachetta don't they? I've noticed mine was darker when I got it from the boutique.

    Perfect if you like light vachetta! :yes:
  12. Major congrats!! That was my first LV two months ago and I love, love, love it!! Believe me, you'll be hooked now just like me.:P
  13. Great choice!
  14. Congrats!! I have been using my new Mono 30 and I just love it!!! I figured it would be too big, but after carrying it around, it isn't at all!!
  15. Very nice! Congrats!!
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