look what DH spotted in a french supermarket, a kelly bag for your whisky, lol

  1. Anyone for cake with a whisky chaser?

    It was in France, in a small local supermarket, Spar. DH spotted it (he sure is getting his eye in, lol) He sneaked a pic for me to show everyone on the forum.

    Looks like an extra-extra HAC Kelly. Only 27 euros 85 cents and includes the 12 year malt whiskey of course.

    I would say, potiron, gold h/w and havanne with ruthenium, lol.

    (Hope you don't mind me posting a silly pic of a looky-likey)


    Also, for those who love VL as well as Hermes:

    DH made another spot back home in the UK, in a cake shop window - someone had obviously ordered an LV birthday cake (don't know LV at all, is it a speedy?)

    kellywhisky.jpg vlcake.jpg
  2. I really love that Cardu packaging. I have to try to find one of those when I'm in France next time - combines two of my obsessions in a great way: Whisky and handbags - all my friends will die with laughter if I would enclude this in my Whisky collection :drinks:
  3. Cute photos! What a nice DH, always thinking of you.
  4. OMG! Amazing! I'm so glad your DH took pics... !!
  5. Wow... that is fabulous!! I love this. Did you get one in each colour? I would. If you did, I want to see modelling shots... that long and skinny shape would be very slimming for sure... your DH has a keen eye for good bags...

  6. LOL, I LOVE the whiskey "Kelly"!! Maybe if I got one for DH, he would reciprocate with the real thing?:yes:
  7. They are strangely cute!!
  8. I wish I'd bought one now. We are going back in Feb, fingers crossed they might still be there.

  9. :roflmfao:
  10. It's a Speedy.
  11. I actually kind of like these silly things. Your DH should've bought them in different colors, so when you two go to house parties, you have something to carry your wines. :tup:
  12. Hahaha. Good thinking! Why not?
  13. Cute! LOL!
  14. too cute to eat or drink!
  15. For those in the UK that might be tempted....

    Just noticed it's a Scottish Whiskey so "may" be available in the UK (unless they manufactured it purely for export). Could try Googling the brand then contacting them with the photo to see if you could get it here in the UK.