Look what DH got me!

  1. DH bought this for me last weekend. It's what I've been looking for for quite a while now. :p

    I was just so ecstatic when I saw it! :nuts: I couldn't believe it! :yahoo: Needless to say he's gotten a lot of brownie points for it!

    My dark silver reissue's just so beautiful to look @. :love:

    I've got two questions
    - Does anyone know what size this is? I think it's a 227, am I rite?
    - How do you gals match this with your outfits?

    Thanks for letting me share! :heart:
    reissue1.jpg reissue-inside.jpg crook-of-hand.jpg shoulder.jpg
  2. i think you are doing a great job of matching already! It should go with alot
  3. Beautiful!!! I wish my DH would bring me home a new Chanel but I think he's still in shock from buying me one at Christmas!
  4. Congra!!
    You are so lucky! I think it is 227, but i am not sure
  5. looks great on u...congrats..simply beautiful

  6. :roflmfao: ....in shock?? My DH kind of getting use to it:yes:
  7. :heart: it!!!!! Looks GORGEOUS with the black dress!!!!! Congrats!
  8. looks gorgeous on you! congrats!
  9. I LOVE this bag. I have the med size, and it's one of my Chanel faves.

    My fiancee bought me a black reissue, with the notion and blind hope that it was a one-off. He has no idea what married life will be like, LOL!
  10. WOW.. so beautiful!! congratz!! u look gorgeous in that black dress and the Chanel!! :love:
  11. lucky girl. beautiful bag.
  12. My hubbi thinks that the reissue is the same as the classic flap! Go figure!! :wlae:
  13. beautiful!

    congratulations on an awesome gift from an even more awesome DH!:yes:
  14. It looks AMAZING on you :love: Congrats!!!
  15. aww, so sweet of your DH! i love it when hubbies do things like that! [​IMG]
    it looks like a 227, but it could be a 226 since you're tiny!