Look what came today plus extras

  1. This came this afternoon


    This was from 2 weeks ago

    This was from March? Or May? I never posted it with the coin purse.

  2. ooo i love all three of your bags!!!! the first one is hot =]
  3. Oh my goodness!!! Why aren't you the little bandit!!! What lovely babies!!!!!

    The mineral Chelsea is gorgeous! The colour seems different than the regular leather in mineral seems, but I haven't seen either irl yet. It seems muted with a more greyish quality in this photo. Is it an accurate picture? Either way it's beautiful!!! Great buys!!!
  4. Its the lighting. It is in fact more like that gem that you always see native americans selling (sorry not very PC of me) I cant think of the name. The blue/green color.

    I am thinking about getting her the Mirianda Python. Check the red book.

    Try this I messed with the lighting but I aint a pro. The grey/dark color comes from where they distressed (is that the word) leather to get the scale effect.

  5. Wow!!!! I love it!
  6. love everything
  7. WOW the snakeskin bag is HOT@!!!
  8. You are a real doll getting those thing for your SO for her birthday. She is really lucky to have such a thoughtful guy in her life. I am sure that she will love her gifts. Congrats!!! I love it all.
  9. wow, those are all beautiful!! great purchases!
  10. Wow -very, very nice!!!
  11. Absolutely positively unmistakenly without a doubt GORGEOUS!!!! :drool:

  12. They are all beautiful but the Chelsea is amazing! What a lucky girl :tup:
  13. :nuts::drool::yahoo:

    Congrats-- those are some hot bags.
  14. OMG those are gorgeous!
  15. OMG!! That python is TDF!!!!
    I :heart: all of your pieces!