Look what came in the post today!!!

  1. My Murakami Panda Leather Cowhide Keychain from Karen Kooper! :yahoo:A little more than I expected but worth every penny. She's a really nice person to deal with, provided excellent customer service (I had a technical problem on her site) and she was online, helping me through the ordeal. She even sent me all these LV items like a box, a bag, LV tissue / stickers, and photo ads and a coupon!!! I love them all, I hope you all enjoy the photos!

    :tender:I would like to thank all the forum members who help distinguish the fakes and the real on ebay (--- Authenticate This Louis Vuitton --- post), it's great appreciated and it's awesome to have such a great group of people helping out. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!:love:
    DSC00426 copy.jpg DSC00422 copy.jpg
  2. Congrats!
  3. woohoo! so cute congrats!
  4. Gorgeous!!
  6. Yeah Karen includes a lot of great goodies, from what I've heard.

    Almost every Panda Cles that I've seen [including mine] has the date code CT1004!!!
  7. Congrats, he's adorable!
  8. karen is awsome...congrats!!
  9. What was the coupon for? For eLux or LV? Would love :love: to know either-or given the price hikes! :hysteric:
  10. Karen's great to deal with- glad you like your new panda!
  11. Congrats!!! Isn't he cute.:love: Cool packaging and all the extras:nuts:
  12. what was the coupon for/about? and congrats!!!
  13. I'm guessing for her next purchase from Karen :winkiss:
  14. congrats! it's real cute!
  15. Very cute ...congrats on your purchase:wlae: