Look what came in the mail!

  1. yay! my new to me pochette is here, all they way from hong kong!
    im SOOOOOOOO excited!
    i was driving home from the beach with my mom, and the postman waved us down and said that he had something for us that we had to sign for. oooh. what could it be?
    i opened it in the car and i literally stopped breathing!
    was this bag supposed to be used?
    it looked even BETTER than the ones in the store, except for the teensy unnoticable color transfer. (which i will have fixed :smile:
    let trade has such great service and im so excited for my bag!
    i guess im a vernis person..

    withour further rambling, PICS!
    i tried to do a modeling one but it turned out kinda funny...
    back (middle bottom left, there is a red stripe of teensy color transfer)
    Messy room!
    as always, i do a pic of my updated collection!
    p.s. today i had a near death experience on the ocean ten minutes after i took these pics.
  2. very cute!!! congrats!!! :smile:
  3. Congratulations girlie! Cute cute cute :heart:
  4. So cute! Congratulations!! Love all those vernis flowers! And your collection is awesome!!
  5. Congrats Brigette! It's SO cute!
  6. Congrats :love: love the flowers on lexington fleurs
  7. wow thats so beautiful! Congrats!

    And I'm glad you are safe and not hurt *hugs*, so sorry that happened to you at the beach.
  8. congrats!! it is gorgeous!!

    be careful at the beach!!
  9. yah. it was scary! i was actually IN the ocean, on a boat (small, 14 feet), and i was hooked to the boat and we FLIPPED OVER!
    i thought the boat was going to pull me down to my watery grave, but i unclipped myself, and luckily the life gaurd boat was there and they pulled me in. THEN i had to get back in the water and flip the boat over to its rightful position. when i pullled it in, it flipped back ON me and the sail covered my breathing. i had to dive underneath it in a lifejacket (anyone that has tried this knows how hard it is. then when i came up, i saw my brother crying. he got hit in the head by the boat. everyone is fine noe but it was THE SCARIEST thing that has ever happened to me in my LIFE.
    ok. back to topic. i love my bag. im literally rocking it to sleep:nuts: :roflmfao:
  10. Gorgeous! Lovely collection as well!
  11. ^^^^^ omg...that's awful! well, thank god you are ok, whew! yes, this bag will keep you comfort...ON solid ground, no water for you for awhile! ;)
  12. thats for sure! well. at least no sailing in 30 mile per hour wind in a fifteen foot boat. im still swimming with dolphins in hawaii! yayyyyyyy
  13. Congrats! :biggrin: Lovely pictures.
  14. Very cute, congrats!
  15. congrats on the fleur lexington! very cute!! and what a scary ordeal you went thru! glad you're ok!