Look what came in the mail =D

  1. I love it. =)

    I've been drooling over it since Feb of this year
  2. congrats!
  3. Just gorgeous, congratulations :love:
  4. Congrats!! Thats such an elegant bag! :tup:
  5. It's adorable, good color choice.. very classic. Congrats!
  6. congrats, it's very cute
  7. Congrats!
  8. faaancy! congratulations!!!:drool:
  9. Nice :tup:
  10. thanks =D
  11. That's very nice!!!
  12. beautiful
  13. oooh it's beautiful and you carry it so well,it fits you perfectly!

    congrats on the classic purchase.
  14. very nice!!! I have that in white in small and med, I love them so much I also ordered the exact same one like yours, I cant wait to for it to get here!
  15. post pix of yours =D

    you have a little family of them hehehe. i like the medium one too, it's very cute as well. i was thinking about a white one too, but i am trying to hold back =X

    i tried on the large at the store and surprisingly it still looks very cute/elegant on me =D