Look what came home with me today

  1. I finally got my favorite epi purse:yahoo: I went to NM today to buy it because I need a black purse in my collection, all of my purse are in the brown family. After I got to the store I was faced with the dilemma that I also liked the Manhattan pm....a lot....I wanted to get it instead of the epi. I chose the black epi, but I'm so thinking about the manhattan.

    What do you guys think...should I have gotten the epi and then save for the manhattan or should I of gotten the manhattan.
    epi 005.jpg epi 016.jpg epi 017.jpg
  2. go for either one u love the most..

    but i personally prefer the manhattan PM though :heart:
  3. :nuts: Congrats!!! Keep this cos it looks great on you. :graucho: :yes: Manhattan will be brown......
  4. Congrats!
  5. Hey to a fellow Houstonian!

    Keep this one. You NEEDED the black bag so it makes more sense to keep it!

  6. Hi there, thanks...I think it does make more sense.

  7. Thanks, that's what I thought...I'm always attracted to brown bags with gold hardware.

  8. I love the manhatten also but there are other bags I think I would actually get more use out of so it has been put on the back burner for a bit! :sad:
  9. Congrats!!!

    And for the record, I think that you made a great choice! :smile:
  10. woohoo another houstonian! i think the black suffolot looks perfect on you. if your heart really desires the manhattan then i say go for it. both are gorgeous! you should act quick if you want to exchange so you can beat the price increase =)
  11. The color is exactly what you wanted and it looks great on you, so I would keep it if I were you. :love:
  12. Ditto!!! :wlae:

    What time were you at the Galleria? I was there from 5:30-7:30-ish? But I went to the other LV...

    Great bag!!! Congrats!!! :jammin:
  13. ooh the souflott is GORG!!! soo classy...CONGRATS!!!

  14. Dang! Us Houstonians could run a thread all on our own! LOL ;)
  15. I would keep the black. It looks great on you!!! Congrats!!!