look what came home with me, MJ navy zip clutch pics

  1. i could not resist, its the perfect blue color. the gold just suits it.
    iam on a purse ban now but i tell you, its worth it!!!
    mj navy.jpg mj zip 2.jpg
  2. That is really beautiful!
  3. that blue is perfect!!! i crave, but my bank account does not :crybaby:
  4. The color is absolutely gorgeous. I usually like silver hardware better, but the gold looks amazing with this shade of blue.
  5. That's a really nice ZC. I love that color.
  6. :nuts: Wow!! I love it!! I officially want that ZC instead of the quilted plum ZC that I thought I wanted (but then found out the color was alot different then shown on the net).

    Thanks for sharing!! Did you get it at NM or Saks, is either one of those stores carrying the navy?
  7. LOVE IT! Absolutely gorgeous. I think the gold-toned h/w shows up very nicely on the darker leathers.

    I'm swooning over your new ZC!
  8. I'm DROOLING! It is beautiful. Enjoy it!!!
  9. wow..What a stunning color!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous!! :drool: I agree, the gold hardware compliments the blue leather perfectly! Congratulations!!
  11. I HELD that one. For a long time (haha).. in the MJ store on Mercer. Some how I got myself to walk out. I really hope they sell it at Bloomingdales because I have 155 dollars credit there. But I doubt they will :/

    It really is so beautiful. Do you think those will sell out fast.. or eventually go on sale (better for me.. hehe).
  12. Wow!! That is gorgeous!!!!!!! That color is so stunning!! That is such an eye catcher!! Enjoy it for all of us lol!!!!! :heart: Emmy
  13. Thanks for sharing...it's stunning! Can you also post pics of the interior? i'm guessing it's grey suede? *drool*
  14. wow! thats really pretty!! i want a ZC but im on a purse ban...........UNLESS i find a deal to good to pass up!! LOL
  15. Wow, it's so beautiful! Congrats!!