look what came home with me from barneys...

  1. what could it be??
  2. can anyone guess what it is??
    CIMG0072.jpg CIMG0073.jpg
  3. Let's see... little Barney's bag... makeup clutch? mini compagnon wallet? do tell!
  4. okay.. if no one is going to guess i will just have to show you..
    CIMG0074.jpg CIMG0075.jpg
  5. cOIn purse~! or WALLET!
  6. its a VIOLET COIN PURSE!!! it is sooo cute!!! the leather it TFD!!! it is sooo soft!!! :yahoo:

    the first 3 are with flash and the last is not..
  7. oh no the pictures didn't work.. sorry guys!!
    CIMG0076.jpg CIMG0077.jpg CIMG0078.jpg CIMG0079.jpg
  8. Oh yes, the leather is amazing! You picked a very good one. :heart:
  9. Too cute! Congrats!!!!!
  10. Ahhh.. there she is... shes cUTE!!! Congrats :smile:
  11. Adorable! The leather is superb! congrats
  12. Congrats, I love the cute violet coin purse....Enjoy it
  13. Great color, congrats!
  14. I love it!!! Congrats - it's too cute!
  15. ohh congratulations! which Barneys did you pick it up at? it's beautiful!