Look what came for me...PICS!

  1. I finally got a hold of the Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Grey Smoke (Fumo) :love:
    miu.jpg miu2.jpg miu3.jpg
  2. It's beautiful!!
  3. i am soooo envious!!!!!!!
  4. Your new bag is very beautiful.
  5. Lucky you! I thought this style and color is very hard to get now. It is gorgeous, and you carried it so well!
  6. congrats! love her!
  7. Congrats! IMO the grey smoke is by FAR the best bow satchel color!
  8. very very NICE...:tup::yes:
  9. Oh that color is TDF! The leather looks fabulous too.

    Great bag! :okay:
  10. Gorgeous bag, love the color! Congrats, it looks perfect on you!
  11. A - It's beautiful! Congrats to you. I love Prada and Miu Miu Satchels, especially the ones with the messenger straps.
  12. Thanks everyone! I had to go through quite a bit of trouble for this bag. I had one shipped from the Barney's in Texas which turned out to be the wrong color (they sent me Alluminio). It was sold out all over the US and both Miu Miu boutiques were not getting anymore!! Luckily, I found the last one in the boutique in Selfridges. They shipped it out on Monday and I received it last night!! With shipping minus VAT, price is more or less the same.
  13. Wow -- that is a dedicated hunt for a bag. I'm glad you got it and hope you enjoy it !! Always love to see pics of people with their bags.
  14. ooooh...very very nice! what a fantastic color! congrats!
  15. congrats, it looks good on you :smile: