Look what came for me at work!!!! :D

  1. My two most recent tokidoki purchases were waiting for me when I arrived at work yesterday!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Of course... I'm selling my pirata dolce to make up for the money (:cry:smile: butt... these bags are a lot better! :yahoo: I think bambino is definitely my favorite bag style now~


    I'm so glad with the placement on both bags~ The citta rosa one is so pretty, and the spiaggia one has TWO of the rasta boys (on both sides!!)... he's definitely my favorite character :tup:

    YAAAY! :nuts:
  2. They're cute! :love: I love the cactus kitty on Spiaggia. Citta Rosa is one of my favorite prints. I have a CR Scuola and it's so pink and happy, if I'm in a funky mood it cheers me up!
  3. congrats on your new babies :tup::tup: both look so good :heart:
  4. Very nice Dancing Nancies! Love the prints!!!:tup:

    Congratulations! Your collection is really growing!:party:
  5. Thanks so much, guys!!! :biggrin:
  6. OH NO! You got the Citta Rosa Bambino from 73Papasmurfs that I wanted! That is my perfect placement with the pink-hair girl on one side and the piggy bank balloon and the adios skull & cross-bones on the other.:drool:

    At least it went to a good home.:yes:
  7. Ahh sorry!! ): I'll take excellent care of it~
  8. ur bambinos are toooo cute :smile: enjoy them!
  9. Thanks!!! :biggrin: :p
  10. Oh I love them..makes me want a bag in that style:smile:
  11. I loooove the bambino... for me, it's the perfect size, and even a little big!! :tup:
  12. YAY!! the CR and Spiaggia bambinos are GORGEOUS!!! I was looking at the CR too (but wishing it was a bambinone) congrats!!! :woohoo:
  13. Thank you! I think they're so pretty~ I'm finally paying more attention to print placement, and it's really paying off! :yes:
  14. beautiful! congrats!
  15. Love the spiaggia... it has my fave charaters on the front. Congrats on 2 lovely bags.