Look what arrived today! Pics!

  1. The mail lady just dropped this off, the leather is to die for! :drool:

    I also didn't realize, how much heavier the giant hardware makes the bag!....and the leather is also much thicker than my step with RH.

    The SA called this "medium brown" I am assuming it's Mogano.

    I saw this on my trip last month and have been "humming and hahhing" over it because of the huge premium, (Canadian dollars), but trying to find another with such great leather is not guaranteed, so I went for it.:nuts:

    Btw, I didn't get that marine city from Raffaello, it was "out of stock", go figure...so this will replace that purchase.

    CopyCity1.JPG CopyCity6.JPG CopyCity4.JPG CopyCity7.JPG CopyCity3.JPG
  2. :drool: it's HOT!!! Congrats!
  3. AhHH... I have this combo in the PT.. LOVE IT!!! cOngrats~!!
  4. Great color! The SGH really pops on it!! Congrats!
  5. mmmmm Cinnamon! I :love: it! Good thing the Marine was out of stock ;)
  6. I love the color, it looks just yummy! Congrats:yahoo:
  7. the leather looks amaaaaazing... :p
  8. Very nice! Congrats. I'm totally loving browns lately ... this one is gorgeous!
  9. its really beautiful, congrats!
    ENJOY! :tup:
  11. GORGEOUS!! sorry for my excitement, that bag is stunning!
  12. A great bag!! Congrats!!
  13. loves the leather! congrats!!
  14. Ooohhh, Nan, that is gorgeous!!!! I am totally :drool: over the color and the leather, and the SGH looks amazing with mogano!!!
  15. I've never been a huge fan of the browns, but this could make me change my mind. It is really beautiful leather. Congrats!