Look what arrived! My new Kooba Carla!


Jul 30, 2006
My new Kooba Carla in Metallic Brown came from Revolve today! It's so much more gorgeous than it looks like in pictures. There's just the faintest whisper of gold specks in the leather which you can only see when the sun hits it, and even then it's very subtle.

I got it at Revolve for a steal. Right now, it's on the site for $342 but I had a coupon code for 60% off so I got it for $136. Can you believe that?

Anyway, here's some pics I took for you. I know I already have a Carla, but I'm really happy I got another. :yes:


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Apr 18, 2007
Wow!!! It looks beautiful. I love it! Congratulations. It must feel great to be carrying around such a great bag that you know looks wonderful and was such a steal!! I like that metallic brown color a lot better in your pics than on the various websites I've seen. Enjoy!!


Hooked on Classics!
Mar 11, 2007
I agree with lexie!!
The metallic brown shade looks much nicer IRL pics :yes:
It reminds me of my dark brown Tano. If I had known the colour looks that nice I would have got a metallic brown kooba instead of my boogie bucket.


Jan 6, 2006
I just am thinking how odd it is that this bag has been around forever and I never gave this color a second glance...now to find out after all this time that the bag is gorgeous. I swear None of these sites know how to sell a purse with a picture but Jade can do it!


Jul 30, 2006
This bag is absolutely fantastic. I'm glad I asked you girls whether I should get this one or the Ginger. Lindy reminded me of how well the strap stays on your shoulder and Bessie posted all those great pics of the two bags so there wasn't any doubt as to which is bigger!

As for the colour, really in the pics, you can't see the lovely gold metallic flecks which are just so beautiful.
I couldn't have been more suprised with how much I like it. I thought, meh, for 136 bucks who cares, but even for the "regular price" which is actually a sale price (Revolve screwed this up) it's a great deal.

And yeah - I'm going to take pics of my purple Carla very soon. I haven't been wearing it lately since it's been so hot out but I'll bust it out soon and get someone to photograph it for me. :yes: