Look what an SA at Fendi sent me a pic of....

  1. Its a picture of what's called the spy in "bone".

    Never heard of it before.

    I figured I would post it incase anyone was interested.
    The one that she sent me was just sold but if anyone likes it i sure you can call Fendi and locate one.

    I'm learning something new everyday....apparently the Fendi boutique does not carry every color that comes out. Different colors go to different department stores and sometimes not the boutique.

    I think this bone color may be exclusive to the Fendi boutique but I'm not positive

  2. Here it is. Had a little technical difficulty

    *Edit. Sorry guys. The file is too big and I don't know how to change it
  3. there is still no picture!
  4. i want to see too~
  5. Where is the pic?
  6. Sorry. Theres no pic. I can't change the size and its too big to load.

    I will tell a mod to close this thread
  7. Aaww Iluvebags that's too bad! I am so looking forward to see it.:yes:

    I have seen the spy in bone pics but wonder if that's the same one I saw. :biggrin:
  8. PICS, PLEASE!!! I want to see it!!!
  9. u can email the pic to the moderator and she'll resize it.. i guess..am dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying to see it
  10. I know!! Me too!!:lol: :lol:
  11. Bone is the same thing as camel (the same spy that Gwen Stefani has). It was originally released SS 05. It's a lighter color than the honey.
  12. The pic that the SA sent me was a really light brown. It almost looked like a cappucino color.
  13. IluvBags .. plzzzzzzzzzz try to fix it .. got a final exam tomorrow and dont wanna design ur SPY in the exam's paper ;D

  14. [​IMG]
  15. hmmm cannot see picture.