LoOk WaT i GoT!!!

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  1. heyyyy everyone...
    i got the small marin (dunno the name) in champagne silver for a very very nice deal!
    first, the price is ~$1140... and then i got 10%!! and that's not all! the most incredible thing is that i can do credit! so i got to pay (1140-10%) divided by 12 each month of the year which means i only got to pay 80 bucks every month!! isn't it great???
    im so in :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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  2. Congratulations - that bag is the Mave. I have it in plum and just love it.
  3. How pretty! Welcome to the Choo Sanitarium! You can never escape once you are admitted:winkiss:
  4. :yahoo:Congrats!!!:roflmfao: at how happy you are about using credit! Enjoy and it beautiful!!
  5. It is so beautiful. That bag almost came to live with me last November. I eventually did get a Mave (pronounce Mah-vay) in the liquid plum. Please post the picture in the reference library under Mave, white color and metallic color threads.
  6. Congrats Tigger!!
  7. Very Beautiful and Congratulations on joining the Wonderful World of Choo :choochoo:
    Watch out though, as I have said before "These babies start multiplying before you know it" :amazed:
  8. aww enjoy it! its a beautiful bag and its a wonderful addition for the spring/summer. i have the same one so now mine has a twin to play with:lol:

  9. Congratulations
  10. I love it. It's so pretty!
  11. Love it! Congrats!
  12. thankssss :biggrin::biggrin: