Look this new epi card holder

  1. it looks so nice and practical with the strap has anyone seen this piece do you know how much it is??
    It is under new arrivals on vuitton.com but no price :shrugs:
    id holder epi.jpg
  2. That's cute, perfect for ID badges!
  3. Hmmm.. what does the interior look like?
  4. i saw that, too. they have it also in damier, i think it's very practical.
  5. how much was it??

  6. it says it has three slots for cards and a see thru window
  7. I was eyeing this item. Now that you've asked the question I decided to look up the price apparently it must be so expensive that it wasn't even listed in Euros even.
  8. Oh my gosh! That is sooo pretty!
  9. Oh so maybe thats one of the new things Label Addict was talking about?
    "There will be some small leather goods released in mono for PDA, Ipod, Camera and a damier wallet for id cards with leather necklace to wear around your neck this was in store today and is very cute."
  10. ^ yep that's one of them it's really cute sorry don't know the price
  11. but if there is a version in damier I am sure it is cheaper in damier how much would you guess for the epi one ??? 300$???
  12. That's what I was thinking of!!! I just couldn't remember who said it...
  13. I don't know the price SORRY
  14. Ohhh....I just saw this last night and I asked about the price, it's like 220 or something. I thought it was nice but I wouldn't have a use for it...it's cool though!
  15. I actually saw this in store last week. I totally forgot how much my SA said it was but I remember when she said it I thought "Ommmm thats alot of money for a small thing like that"....so the price must have been high LOL hope that helps