Look! The $88 ebay seller has lowered his prices!

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  1. ^^ Yeah eBay gives them all their fees back. :rolleyes:

    Good work getting those removed Donna! :flowers:
  2. Whoever is doing that is a NUT case. They are stealing other people's names and listing things under their names. They aren't using their own eBay name, if they even have one. The other night they listed a lot under some sellers name that had over 350 positive feedbacks. She caught it and ended all of the auctions. Nice to know that eBay is on top of their security and fraud problems. YEA RIGHT :yucky:
  3. I dont get how they can steal another sellers names. Crazy! If I even THOUGHT about trying to do that the eBay Police would be at my door. If its a real seller (not taking anothers name) I dont think they should get their listing fees back. Maybe if it started costing them some money they would learn. naahhh. No they wont.
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