LOOK!! Second Trip to the Consignment Store!!

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  1. For those of you who read my thread "Look what I found at my neighbourhood consignment store!!" you'll know that I found some awesome LV deals! Well, I got a call from my SA at the consignment store again today...and came home with these! :nuts:

    My very first LV Vernis pieces:

    LV Monogram Vernis French Purse Lavender - $251!!!


    LV Monogram Vernis Ludlow Lavender - $161!!!

    The Ludlow was never used and the French Purse only gently!!! Both are in PRISTINE condition!!

    :rolleyes: And best of all? Both were purchased with DH's blessings! :sweatdrop: I am SOOO loving my SA & DH right now! :heart:
  2. Awesome buys, congrats ! :yes:
  3. Oh wow! Lucky you!!! Nice contact you have at the consignment store...that color is TDF!!
  4. WOW!!! Your so lucky!!! I wish I could find things like that when I went to consignment stores!
  5. :drool:WOW:drool: They are both GORGINA!:tup:
  6. OMG congrats! Beautiful blue color!
  7. wow great find!!!! your one lucky gal.
  8. Let me just say that I am so into that blue right now for bags, and there isn't really any out! It is so cute though:tup:
  9. OMG - another steal for you! Congrat!
  10. OMG...lucky you those are really pretty ;)
  11. Holy Cow! that's gorgeous. What a great find!
  12. :nuts: gorgeous! keep on shopping :tup: great buys!!!!
  13. :drool::nuts: Wow, again...you're so lucky!
    Congrats! Any more?
  14. amazing finds!
  15. Fantastic :nuts: Congrats :yahoo: