Look Out! Toms The Arrival Of My Purple 226!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of my Purple 226 Saturaday 09:00!!

  2. Purple:drool: I will be back on saturday for pics!
  3. Congrats! i cant wait to see pictures of the beauty!
  4. yay! can't wait to see pics, congrats!
  5. Hi everyone!
    I finally received my Purple 226 and its amazing!!! Enjoy!
    100_4762.JPG 100_4730.JPG 100_4763.JPG 100_4729.JPG 100_4749.JPG
  6. really really pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  7. My 2 other purchases with my Purple 226:smile:

    The much wanted Metallic Calfskin Wallet and the Louis Vuitton Suhali Lock It MM
    100_4750.JPG 100_4756.JPG
  8. Great new additions, the more I see the purple reissue, the more I want one! -Congrats on all you new purchases, they're beautiful!
  9. woot! congrats on the beautiful new purple and the drool-worthy metallic wallet (it's beautifully blingy!)
  10. congrats! It's gorgeous.
  11. OMG!!!! It is sooooo beautifull!! I want one!:nuts:
    COngrats on such a beauty!!
  12. TRUST ME! The purple is soooo much more beautiful IRL!!
    Cant wait to wear it tonite!

  13. The wallet is soo much more beautiful IRL. The pic looks gold, the wallet is actually silver, its not SHINY metallic, its more matte finish! Its amazing and fits alot of cards and cash!

    I called every store in Paris they said no chance getting, kept on calling then this nice lady decided to help me get it from SOUTH OF FRANCE. She made them send to Paris for me:smile:

    So happy with it!
  14. Congrats on all the goodies! Love the lockit too :yum: any action pix of 226?
  15. Here you go Classic Chic! My 226 in ACTION!!
    100_4779.JPG 100_4774.JPG 100_4772.JPG 100_4770.JPG