Look out summer cus here I come!


Which sunglasses should I get?

  1. Keep the brown ones

  2. Return the brown and get the black ones

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I finally took the plunge and bought a new pair or Chanel Sunglasses! :yahoo: This my first pair of sunglasses since 4th grade! Seriously.....I have worn glasses forever and was never ready to take the plunge into prescription sunglasses. Then last summer I fell in love with Chanel's line of sunnies - most of which are not able to be converted to Rx. So, I went and got contacts! Yesterday hubby took me to the mall and I got a gorgeous pair.

    The only thing is when I was shopping I fell in love with 2 pairs....:crybaby:one black and one brown. I have a fairly light skin tone and light brown/dark blond hair so I went with the brown pair since I thought they looked better. However, I cant stop thinking of the black pair since thats what I thought I was going in there to buy (plus my cambon bowler is black). I have 30 days to return the brown ones if I want to.

    Should I return the brown and get the black pair?
    Should I just keep the brown pair?

    Would the black pair wash me out?

    I'm not at home so I cant post pics right now but I can give you a description.

    Brown: Tortise Shell like arms with the CC pattern in silver and crystals in a box around.

    Black: quilted arms and on the front outside of the lens there is a silver plate that says Chanel. The only downside of the black is that since I have chubby cheeks they touch the top of them.
  2. It's really hard to tell without pictures but can you go by which color you wear the most. Me, I need both as I wear both colors equally and I am really anal about matching. Can you keep both? :smile:
  3. I asked for both :angel: but hubby said he would only buy me one :crybaby:. If I were to save up I could probably get the other one in 2 months...but then summers over. :hysteric:

    I tend to wear brown more often than black. :flowers:
  4. Then I would definitely keep the brown ones, also tortoise shell is just gorgeous :love:
  5. I would keep the brown ones , but save up and get the black ones too. I tend to wear sunglasses all year round, good protection for the eyes .
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I am feeling better about my purchase!
  7. Tortoise shell is gorgeous, I agree.
  8. Keep the brown. More versatile!
  9. can't go wrong with chanel black! i vote for the black ones
  10. I say keep the brown ones.
  11. Keep the brown ones, save for the black:yes:
  12. I really love contarst, so if you have light brown/blonde hair, I prefer black.

    Weird they told you most sunnies can't be converted{?} My eye Doc stocks about 20 pairs of different Chanels and can make any of them prescription.
  13. I'd keep the brown and still get the black ones when you can. I wear sunnies all year, my eyes are very sensitive to light and even if it's hazy outside with a little bit of sun, I still need sunglasses.
  14. The person that told me this was the SA at Sunglass Hut (or what its name was - they always seem the same to me). Lenscrafters (where I get my glasses/contacts from) didnt even carry any Chanel (from what I saw). :shrugs:
  15. Ahhh... this is a tough one. I just got 2 pairs yesterday. I had the same dilemma. I got the tortoise with the wide sided frames that look quilted and have small gold ccs on the sides. I had gone in just to get the black with the big silver CCs. I like the tortoise for the fall and the black for winter. If I had to choose I probably would have gotten the tortoise. The black later on. Save up and by the time you have $ it will be winter, lol. Try diff styles next time, they might get something new in black that you will fall in love with in a couple of months, that do not sit on your cheeks. Post pics would love to see the ones you purchased.:idea:
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