Look out, Boston; I'm a-comin'!

  1. My life has finally taken a slight turn for the better :biggrin:. I've been accepted to the Boston Academy of English for their 4-week TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification Program, which begins March 31, 2008 (A WHOLE MONTH IN BOSTON!!!! :nuts:). I have 2 months left on my work authorization, after which I'll have another 2 months to get ready to go to Boston. But before that, I've been asked by the school to 'drop by' one of these days to take a look and get a feel of what the program is like and how it's run.

    So here's the important part: this school is on Temple Place, which is about a 20-minute walk from Copley Place :graucho:.

    OK, no, this is the really important part :p:
    • I'm planning to 'drop by' Boston sometime during the week of January 7-13, 2008 to look at the school, and become reacquainted with the city, because it's been over a year since I was there. I'll be staying at the Radisson Hotel on Stuart Street (obviously I had to choose a hotel right in between the school and Copley Place :lol:).
    • I'll be moving to Boston a week before the program starts, so tentatively March 24, 2008. And I'll be there for about a month!
    I'd love to meet with anyone who's living in the Boston vicinity. If we can't meet during that week in January, we have a whole MONTH to meet up in March! :tup:

    So PM me if you'd like to meet up and maybe we can plan something, yes?
  2. Sounds like fun, congratulations! I live in the Boston area, too, so let me know if you have any questions! I'm there ALL the time lol. A meet up would be fun! Any other Bostonians???
  3. Oh, and Copley Place... lol that could be dangerous!!! :graucho::drool:
  4. Awesome, congrats, yeuxhonnetes.
    A Boston gathering is a must! Two LVs right in the vicinity: Copley and in Saks (in the Pru).
  5. is there anyone else from the Boston area?

    i've been to both, but i think i prefer the one in Copley. when i went to the one in Saks the SAs there weren't very approachable, but then again that was last summer so maybe things have changed
  6. i'm in the boston area as well...i like the copley store too...it's gotten bigger and recently reopened after construction...the one in saks seem small
  7. Not in the Boston vicinity. Just slightly north by 2 hours and would love to meet up with other TPF members. :flowers:
  8. For me the service at the Saks has been better. Either way, each store has different displays so both are a must-see! Any others interested in a Boston meet?
  9. UPDATE: OK so i won't be going to Boston in January, because the timing is a bit off :cry:

    BUT i will still be in Boston at the end of March for a whole month, so i'd still love to meet up with anyone then :biggrin:!
  10. Aww I just moved back home from Boston! Copley Place is very addicting :graucho: Now I miss Boston :crybaby:
  11. I would LOVE to meet up with you sandra! We will miss you when to go back to Malaysia.
  12. I'm from the Boston area, too. I lived there for 8 years (BU undergrad and grad school at Harvard), but now I live up in NH. I love any excuse to come into the city. And a BIG FYI... there are some great high end consignment stores in the city. I just went to one in Portsmouth, NH, and they had an AWESOME pair of suede LV boots for $300 or so. Too bad they were a 7.5 and I'm a 9! I'd be up for a weekend GTG. How old is everyone? Are we the "Drinks on Newbury Street after work" crowd or are we the "Clubbing in Fanuiel Hall" club. I'm just outta college so I'd do either!
  13. How did I miss this post??

    *waves hand* I'm from Boston!!!!!! If you all are getting together keep me posted!!! I would love to join you!!!

  14. Ahhh to be young again. I am 38 ....BUT.....I would fit into both categories - drinks on Newbury and maybe even Fanuil Hall! (can you tell I don't get out much?)
  15. I love Ned Devine's if you go early... the line anytime after 10 is awful. But it's not exactly a good place to "chat"... more of a bar scene. Then again... Yeah, Newbury Street may be a better time. I've actually NEVER been to Stephanie's even though I lived there for so long... SAD!