Look my new shoes on sale!! With pics!

  1. Hi all, I just wanna share with you. I have been thinking about getting a pair of these babies but in a gold-sparkling black canvas, and I actually posted a thread here and asked whether the shoes are on sale and where I can find my size. But no one really responded to my thread.

    So a few days ago I went to Saks, found the gold-sparkling black canvas one on the sales rack but it's a size 42, so I asked the SA to see if they still have my size. He came back and said the 42 was the last one with that canvas material, BUT he said for some reason this patent leather one was hidden in the backroom and he thought I might like it. The patent leather is soooo preeeeety and the shoes are on sale about 30% off. I think they are hot!

    The only thing now is I guess my right foot is much bigger than my left one. The left one feels pretty comfortable, there's even some room for better comfort, but the right one feels a bit tight at the toe area as i have a wider than average foot. But I really love them so I guess I will wear the right one a lot at home to stretch the leather a little bit, though patent leather might not stretch that much...But nevertheless, I am just happy to find this baby!
    DSC02197.JPG DSC02185.JPG
  2. oooh cute, it was meant to be :biggrin:

  3. ohhh gorgeous hikaru!! it was fate!
  4. [​IMG]



    Lovely shoes:love::flowers:
  5. Thanks ladies, I am just so hope that the right one will stretch just a little bit! I really hate my wide feet! LOL
  6. very cute! :yes:
  7. Very nice! I saw those on sale at NM in Short Hills 2 days ago. They were in size 7 1/2 if anyone is interested.
  8. ^ yes me! i am! how much are they after discount? do they ship international?
  9. Those are so stinking cute!
  10. Congrats! Gorgeous shoes!!!!!!
  11. soo cute! congrats!

  12. I just bought them too (brown/black--see Sale,Sale, Sale thread) !!! As for your size issue, I had same problem only my left foot is a bit larger. The SA took them in back and stretched the one shoe and now it fits perfectly! I would suggest taking them back and seeing if they could stretch them up a bit to make the toe box a little wider/taller. Enjoy!!!! :yahoo:
  13. I was getting those as well....but they werent sure to find my size and they were going to charge me shipping and TAX at Saks and I was not pleased with that at all..
    they are pretty
  14. such pretty shoes!
  15. congrats on your shoes they're gorgeous-I just saw them in the library too-and at a great price!:nuts:
    Concerning the one shoe being a tat narrow have it widened in the back of the store as archygirl did -the stores in Europe always have a kind of machine-don't know how they call it though-which the put in the shoe and it makes it a bit larger without any damage to the leather:yes:I had the same problem with a pair of boots I got recently but it didn't work on them unfortunately-only with the shoes they told me!:p