Look!My gorgeous GOLDIE from F/W'06

  1. I gotta give my LV bags a break.:yes: I'm so inlove with my new gucci bag.:love: I love the style, so timeless,it's a classic IMO, the size just perfect for me whether I'm carry a lot or less. this def. my new favorite everyday bag.:yahoo: :tender:
    what do you guys think? :smile:
    pf2.jpg IMG_1978_2.JPG goldie.jpg IMG_1972_2.JPG
  2. Tdf!!
  3. It's gorgeous :love:
  4. wow! Its nice..
  5. lovely...how much did you get it for???
  6. its such a nice bag especially for a everyday bag!
  7. I love it! :tender:
  8. Great bag. Agree that it is timeless..
  9. Very nice!!!

    Timeless AND you don't have to worry too much about taking care of it! The brown canvas doesn't really get dirty-looking or scratched up easily. :smile:
  10. Absolutely fabulous! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous, looks like the perfect every day bag, congrats!
  12. I'm not from U.S but its price with our currency converted to US dollars its like $780 but i check it out at gucci's website its $750..:smile:
  13. thanks everyone!
  14. What a great bag! It looks stylish and I love totes
  15. Love it!