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  1. I fell like one of the luckiest girls ever:nuts: . I scored a beautiful apple City. This is one of my most fav. of all bbags!!
    DSC03353.JPG DSC03357.JPG DSC03354.JPG
  2. It's just gorgeous, ranskimmie! You are so lucky, I'm jealous :P The last photo is the best, your pup looks so cute next to the bag :nuts:
  3. YAYAY!!! Now update your avatar with the cutest one on the end! Your pup, I want to kiss him :smile:)) The apple is STUNNING. Wow.
  4. The apple is gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, stunning, BRIGHT! I am sooooo jealous!!! And your puppy is ADORABLE!
  5. Oh goodness!! That is just beauuuuuutiful!! Makes me want to go get some Sour Apple candy. ;)
  6. OMG K!!!! supah dupah gorgeous!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :love:
  7. It's fabulous, I'm really glad you were able to snag one ! I love the picture of your dog, he looks puzzled to be posing next to the bag ! :biggrin:
  8. What a rich color--perfect for spring! And what a cute dog! I like the head tilted to one side there, quite photogenic! ;)
  9. It's a stunning bag!!!! Congrats!!! And can your dog be any cuter! Especially with the cocked ears! So cute!!!
  10. It is SO beautiful! I'm SO glad you found one!
  11. Thanks Yhassan! Would you by any chance be interrested in my first? :lol: LOL, Shes calling your name:P
  12. Wow it's beautiful! And your dog is sooooo cute posing!
  13. such a beautiful color! LOVE THAT PUP!
  14. I'm now all green with envy :smile: Love the luscious leather (it's the old leather right?...I love B-bags with old leather). Where did you find this baby?
  15. Your bag is gorgeous and your Maltese is just soooooooooooo cute!
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