*Look*~ Mandarin Speedy 30! Brand New!

  1. :balloon: Hello everyone, after much thought and ado, I decided to part with my mandarin bucket. I was in search of a replacement mandarin piece and I settled on this georgous Speedy 30. She is a little larger (I would probably prefer a 27 size:graucho: ) somewhere in between~ But she is MINT and she is Mine!:heart: This is my second New LV piece ever. Kinda scary but good at the same time:yes: Thank you as always for your insight on this bag:flowers: and letting me share my excitement!:yahoo:
    mandarin speedy 30 001.jpg mandarin speedy 30 003.jpg mandarin speedy 30 002.jpg
  2. Congrats ! :yes:
  3. niceeeee
  4. Congrat's, wonderful find!
  5. I love that.
  6. Thank you Ayla, Fannatic, Spendingmore and Bag! Thanks for sharing with me:yes: ~Ghost
  7. ohhh, i LOVE the mandarin color! Congratz on ur find, go out and start have fun w/it!
  8. Very gorgeous! Can we see it on you!?!?:yes:
  9. I love the mandarin, the speedy is gorgeous!!! Congrats on your new bag...I think you made a great decision.:yahoo:
  10. Wow -- she's a beauty! Love the mandarin color. Congrats!!
  11. Eventually~ not today though. I am in my grubby clothes, just got done working out and I am going to sit on the couch and watch a scary movie. Today is my day to have "me time"...so no make-up, good clothes etc...just bummin':supacool: . We all need a day to just be.

    Thank you for your comments...:yahoo: ~Ghost

    Thank you classischic, MomOTwins, Bgcutiepie & Lvlover! =)
  12. THAT'S gorgeous!! congrats!
  13. Thanks Jill!:shame:
  14. So pretty! I love mandarin. Congratulations!!!!
  15. Congrats and enjoy!!