Look Ma, what my SPY can carry!

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  1. So, I'm done with college and now I'm finally on my way home. That results in trying to pack my life for the past four months into two suitcases, one carryon, and one handbag.

    This is what is currently in my metallic spy:

    In the flap:
    - pack of gum
    - one cellphone
    - lip balm
    - ipod shuffle (the new one, which is sooo incredibly tiny!)

    In the bag itself:
    - 2 novels (each about 600+ pages thick)
    - LV agenda
    - wallet
    - LV cles for keys
    - passport
    - travel documents
    - ipod video
    - makeup case
    - small pack of oreo's
    - small pack of cheese biscuits
    - sunglasses + case
    - glasses + case
    - pencil case
    - calculator
    - cellphone #2
    - small bag of medication (which takes up a lot of space cos of boxes)
    - camera
    - woman's, er, essentials ;)

    So there. In case anyone is wondering how much you can actually fit in :wtf: The bag is filled literally to the brim and I can barely put the flap over the bag itself. I will take pictures, but I can only post them up after 30 hours when I am finally done with all my traveling (phew!) :sweatdrop:
  2. Wow, I definitely need to see a picture of that :nuts:
  3. Yup I will - but I don't have the cable to connect the camera to my laptop so I'll have to wait until I get my suitcases.

    But believe me - I was milking the space for all it's worth! :graucho:
  4. Doncha just LOVE that bag!!!!!!!!?
  5. Thats when I get really happy at my purchase: when it fills all your travelling needs lol
    Can't wait for the pics!!!!
  6. Wow that is amazing :nuts:

  7. That's alot! Post pics pleasse!
  8. Oooh can't believe it all fit in there!! You must have been one classy lady travelling with your Spy! I always look at what bags ladies use when they travel...it's usually the normal LV monogram...but the Spy is the ultimate travel bag!
  9. Quite agree HandbagAddict, I will take my spys on holiday with me next year and use one on the plane as think they are brilliant for holding all your stuff in
  10. I cannot wait to see pictures of this.....I am impressed with the list. I thought I carried a lot of stuff. I have:

    Hobo clutch that I use as a wallet
    Gucci large sunglass case
    Gucci makeup bag
    Varies adapters for Ipod, phone, earpiece
    Pur-z-nizer with the remaining loose items such as medicine, business card case, lotion, contact case, tissue, etc.
  11. My spy can sure hold a small ton too!! Funny to see how big it really is!
  12. pyrexia, thank you so much for starting this thread, you read my mind! I was going to start a thread asking what everyone carries in their spy.. I guess usually it's not so full?

    so what does everyone else carry? what is the least amount you carry in it? I have just got a dark brown one that I used on a day trip, filled to the brim too :yes: -- I was thinking I really shouldn't take her out unless I am going to fill it up, but then again I love the way Kiera Knightly's cognac looks when she carries it on her shoulder, it looks so soft and drapey and pretty....

    so what is the least anyone carries?
  13. Wow, that is a lot!