Look ma i can fly-i got wings!!! Sending this maxi baby back!!!

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  1. Well-The Greatly anticipated MAXI arrived today. The one that I was awake for 2 nights over due to the fact that I could not decide on which one to get and finally decided on the MAXI Lambskin since TPFer's said it was far more structured/still that even the New Caviar. I waited with baited breath all day by the door and even cancalled my massage appointment for fear I would not be home when it arrived and called Fed Ex when it did not arrive only to be told that it arrived an hour late and would be to me by 7pm today:yahoo:I was so excited that is until I opened it and quickly loaded it up due to the fact that other members had had quaity issues w/ the Flaps Flipping up and flying out (I asked my SA to please check for this problem and to load my bag before sending it just to avoid a problem and she assured me she did)

    Well,it does more than flip,it wiggles,it curls,it waves:dothewave:and it sinks in the middle!!!:cursing: I am so disappointed and if that is not enough the leather through the strap had risen out of one of the chian links with no way to get it back in-WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHANEL!!!:wtf:This is a design problem and should have been checked for proportions and performance on the Trial bags. I am sending it back- I really believe that within 6 months this will be the Laziest ,slouchiest bag and way too messy to want to carry without enduring:shame:

    When, I called my SA she was out and another SA spoke to me and was not shocked at all and just agreed like she had heard this already-so disappointing for the SA's & for the Customers- but this bag will never wear beautifully to become a Vintage Classic-phooey!!!

    Here are the pics- the side one best shows how warbled the whole bag was in addition to a soft indentation that ran ike a line acrocc the front of the bag.:tdown:


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  2. Wow, that is not good.
  3. Oh no LVLux - so sorry to hear that the anticipation only turned into frustration and disappointment. Looks like it's taking a life of its own.
    So sorry for you!!!
    Just wondering if you are returning it or exchanging it for another - some tpfers have had no issues with their maxi??? Hope you don;t mind me asking
  4. I've been waiting on such comments. Or at least more people to rate this bag. My mind is made up my first chanel will be a jumbo.
  5. Yikes! That is not good!!! I just ordered mine today and told my SA to make sure that there won't be wings and to try to load it up with things before she sends it to me but I'm scared that there might be wings as well. Are you exchanging it for another maxi or returning it completely? Was just wondering if the bag is defective do they shoulder the shipping cost back to them? Is SAKS lenient in their return and exchange policies? Thanks again and sorry about your maxi.
  6. Sorry to hear that. just last month when i was in the boutique, I saw someone carrying a Chanel bag that was EXTREME CRISPED.. I believe her's was a jumbo lambskin.. not a maxi though..

    She was carrying it with the single dropchain. The entire bag looked soooooo crumpled & I was totally shocked & wander why this is happening. I always thought that 2.55 is very structured.

    so i guess it's a good choice for you to return it..
  7. Ohhh no, I'm so sorry! :sad: Ugh, and the caviar Chanel has used is supposed to be so flimsy too... what are they doing to us?! :sad: It's possible yours is defective and you can try to get another one... but if you're turned off completely (can't blame you!), just get another non saggy flap. :flowers:

    My brown exp. flap sags a tiny bit (which I'm okay with - it gives it a cool tote-like vibe), but I'd never put up with that on a classic flap! :nogood: Phew, I guess this makes the vintage XLs on ebay even more appealing... I've never seen a floppy one yet!
  8. Mine should be arriving in a few days. Hopefully I will not have this problem. The one I saw at the store was way more structured. I saw one at Saks in NY and Chanel boutique in madison and was happy with the way those looked.
  9. Aww i am so sorry to hear that !! Are you returning it?
  10. #10 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    Yes, definitely returning it- I purchased it from the WYNN Boutique Las Vegas and if I had a boutique near me would just go in and try on a bunch until I found one that was constructed better but honestly,I think this bag will just be a sloppy mess in a matter of weeks and especially in a few years. I tried it with a single and a double strap and the problem was just as pronounced if not more with the double strap and I can imagine after those Maxi Wings have been flipped up for a few weeks they are going to get permament creases and then really look awful. I am confident that there is a construction/proportion problem with this bag and am not going to order another one. I will say when yours arrive leave the paper that is in the bottom in it and put your items on top of that and see instantly how it collaspes. I only put a zippy wallet,key cles and CC holder inside so it was not even near being full and then I tried a few more items thinking it would fill it out better but the problem increased. The frustrating thing is -I too really explained the problem I had been hearing about wings to my SA and asked her to load it up and then asked her again to comfirm when she called to say she had shipped it so I am not sure they can give up the sale and probably just hoped I would be ok with it.. If this were a HOBO or some unstructured style-I would not care at all and I am really tolerant of bags being made with certain quirks but this is above and beyond IMO-MY pics make it look better than it looks in real life becasue I had to lighten them up quite a bit for the problem areas to appear due to the fact that the bag is so dark-so IRL with all of the warbling and the fact that it is SUPER Soft -it just looked like a tired OLD bag!
    I am going to get down on my knees tonight and Thanks the Good Lord that I did not list my Jumbo that I was going to sell to replace this Lambskin Bag. I am usually so impatient and have just been busy or would have done it the minute I got the Lambskin MAXI ordered>:blink:
    I will say - I love the size-not too big,not too heavy-just perfect!
  11. I'm starting to get unexcited about the arrival of my fuschia maxi- boo!
  12. what a shame!!!so sorry!
    Im so lucky mine is OK ..And I loaded my caviar maxi..hehe!
  13. South maybe the different colored Leather will make it more substantial so that it will hold up better???

    I know Jill- you must have Good Bag Karma!!!
  14. Sorry this happened... and good that you returned it! I prefer more structure on flap bag too!
  15. I ordered the caviar and only time will tell since it hasn't arrived yet. I'm just getting blah about and longing for the old caviars with structure.