look..look I bought something!!!

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  1. This is the first time I post a thread ^.^
    I just bought this really lovely bag today.. and I LOVE IT ....
    its good to be one of the first ones LOL
    post1 copy.jpg
  2. Wow Congrats!! Just gorgeous.. I am waiting to order mine right now..
    P.S. Welcome to the forum! :biggrin:
  3. WAAAAA, congrats on your new speedy bagggg!!

    im so glad that i could go with you to get the bag this afternoon

    its definitely something that looks so nice and different. its fresh!

    like the accessories too! definitely worth it to get, coz that will set your bag aparts!
  4. Welcome and congratulations on your gorgeous bag!! The pastilles really goes very well with the azur speedy hey?! How about some runway pics? Oh, and welcome to the forum!:flowers:
  5. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your beautiful new speedy! The Pastilles look so cute on it!:heart:
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Welcome and congrats on your new addiction!
  8. welcome! the bag with the pastilles is beautiful!
  9. gooooooooooorgeous:heart:congrats and welcome to tPF =)
  10. :nuts: Congrats and WELCOME! :flowers: They're gorgeous:love:
  11. congratulations. it looks great.
  12. congrats!
  13. It´s gorgeous! Gongratulations!
  14. congrats on your new bag. It's beautiful.
  15. That's cute. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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