Look! If you're a Louis Vuitton lover, check this out!!

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  1. Ok. So this is some random but great information for all those Louis Vuitton die-hard fans and lovers. Yesterday, I purchased my first piece from the Perforated line: the Fuschia Pochette Accessoires and was pleased to find out that this line carries a cute history which made me love my new pochette even more!:love:

    Turns out that the original Louis Vuitton family, back in the 19th century, was taken aback by the new French ‘pointillist painter’ Georges Seurat (1859-1891) emerging at that time as the new creative force in the art world and who is most famous for his pointillist painting (for those art and art history buffs) “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte”. Considering this LV history, Marc Jacobs decided to incorporate Seurat’s pointillism into the new Perforated line. This new Perforated line, just as Seurat’s ‘points’ in his painting, reflects Seurat’s pointillism influence with three different sized perforations: large, medium, and finally a smaller perforation in each item of the collection.

    I hope someone finds this little background information just as interesting as I did and maybe helps you make up your mind on purchasing your first item in the ‘Limited Edition’ Perforated Line. ;)
  2. Oh that is pretty neato, and I am an art buff ! Pointilism is hard work, let me tell you that !!

    I think the pochette and the smaller accessories are cute.. but knowing this background information, I wish MJ had incorporated more colours to get the amazing blending like on the Seurat paintings.
  3. Thank you for sharing this. I remember studying that piece in art history in college and enjoying it. I'm glad your new piece has even more meaning!!!
  4. Thank you for sharing, It does make me like the line more. I am an art history minor, and I remember studying that piece.
  5. I studied Saurat in France, that's really interesting. I don't see any connection at all between the Perforated line and Saurat because the latter was interested in using pointallism as a means of expirimenting with color not for the sake of making a bunch of little dots alone, but if Marc says so....
  6. LOL I re-read that and I sound soooo snotty! Sorry, didn't mean to. I just think very often designers make these really GRAND associations out of thin air. Kind of like the way Washington DC adopted Greco-Roman architecture to convey the grandeur of the world's first democracy and our carrying on of that tradition.

    I think it just sounds a little weird to me to say that because you punched some holes in a bag you're "reflect Saurat's pointallism." Give me a break, Saurat is inimitable!
  7. I think it's always interesting to hear what designer's influences are. Though IntlSet is right...Seurat is inimitable.
  8. While I appreciate the information and I do think the perf accessories are cute...holes in canvas do not a "pointillism" make! :smile:

  9. Ditto on this one. Seurat's points were not perfectly round like the perforations, either, and definitely not layed out in a symmetrical fashion -- otherwise his masterpieces would not be like they are. I kind of see the association, but in my opinion, it seems like something MJ made up in hindsight, lol.
  10. In Marc's defense I must say that I don't actually believe his intention was to 'imitate' Seurat, per se. Rather, I think that one can definitely be inspired by past creative forces. I mean we have all heard, whether in art, music or other media, of artists being 'influenced' by artists that paved the way for them...thus, new art form may come as a result. This 'new art' that comes about doesn't necessarily imitate the old forms but rather helps in molding through inspiration.

    In either case, I didn't mean for the anecdote to be looked into or analyzed too in-depth. Simply, it was one of those quirky, random things that are fun to know (especially if one happens to make it onto 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' or 'Jeopardy'). :amuse:
  11. Thanks for posting this very interesting info.
  12. Both film and fashion are businesses where the audience doesn't feel or see the work that goes on behind the scenes. - Tom Ford

    Thanks for posting posting the history/art inspired the collection, I am quite intrigued!

    In fact, is there a website you ladies go to find out info about designer collection/background?
  13. Post pics, with you carrying the pochette! The perforation line is growing on me, and I think I will go for a smaller piece like the pochette accessories. Are they Made in France?
  14. Thanks for sharing, I love the history of pieces, did you get this info from the little booklets that the LE pieces sometimes come with?
  15. I think MJ might have a point here.... Saurat made the canvas "speaking" by dotting on it and now MJ makes holes in it to reveal its beauty