Look! I just got an awsome Christmas SURPRISE!!

  1. Ding Dong went the doorbell! And it was for me:nuts:!! A package from a very special person here on the PF! Im the luckies girl ever! These were on my Coach Favorites list!! I got the pink signature ponytail scarf and pink and gold heart cell lanyard! I totally LOVE them!:heart:
    Now my Carly is all dressed up!:love:
  2. Pictures?
  3. I guess pics. would help:roflmfao:
    Ebay Pics 617.jpg Ebay Pics 618.jpg Ebay Pics 620.jpg
  4. I LOVE the scarf of your chocolate Carly, it looks sooo classy! Enjoy
  5. We're twins (almost). I have that scarf on my med choc sig Carly. I love all of the touches of pink on your bag and phone!!! Who sent you such wonderful presents?!? Happy day for Kimmie!!!!
  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!! :yes: I especially love that scarf.. and pink is my favorite color! Thanks for the pics! :tup:
  7. So gorgeous! I love pink and chocolate together! Congrats!!! And cheers to the lovely person who bought the presents!!
  8. Wow that loooks so great!!! I love ponytail scarves on bags - they make the perfect bow.
  9. Ranskimmie, Congrats on your awesome gifts!
  10. Thanks Donna! your leigh[​IMG]is just adorable too with the legacy ponytail scarf!:love:
  11. OMG! I always wanted that cell charm! It's sooooooooooo cutee!!

  12. Yay! Such awesome gifts! Did they reveal who they were?
  13. i have no idea yet. I cant wait to find out!!:woohoo:
  14. What a nice gift!!!!
  15. YAY Kimmie that is AWESOME!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL GIFTIES!!!!!!! :heart: