Look! I Finally Learned How To Watermark...lmao!

  1. [​IMG] think its subtle..yet to the point?:smartass:
  2. Lol! Very funny ... makes me think I should slap a radioactive label on mine!
  3. It's so you. ;)
  4. ^ you taught me well..coachwife..LMAO!
  5. nice and 2 the point lol
  6. I think you missed the portion of the lesson that tells you to make the box invisible. :supacool:
  7. LOL! Glad that u finally got the Dior Jill!
  8. dude..you can make the box invisible????crap.**SLAPS HERSELF UPSIDE THE HEAD**
    Now I am feeling like a doody head...lol
  9. Very cute.
  10. Congratulations! lol. Everyones graduating from Watermarking school :smartass: But forget the watermark, look at that bag! :heart:3
  11. good on ya, Jill i still cant do it properly... i think im going to stick with POST IT's they make me laugh!!! hehehe!
  12. That will deffinately make ppl think twice about stealing photos!
  13. You're one up on me girl! Can you tutor?
  14. ^anytime!!! LOL!
  15. Great watermark. Now I know what will happen to me if I mess with your photos. :lol: