Look How DESPERATE people are willing to go for a MIZI...

  1. 1. A FAKE and people are bidding...LOOK AT THE SERIAL NUMBER, SO MANY FAKES I"VE COME ACROSS HAS one letter and 5 digits

    2.look at teh bidding price !!!and its a USED mizi!! and there are still days left till auction ends!!http://cgi.ebay.com/LIKE-NEW-AUTH-LOUIS-VUITTON-MONOGRAM-MIZI-TOTE-BAG-MPRS_W0QQitemZ6882260375QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. That almost gave me an idea:idea: but I CAN'T do it!!!:lol:
  3. If you do decide to sell your Mizi or Vienna just let me know. I buy it from you so fast. :shame: And I must say, I love what you added under your sn. :yes:
  4. oh, don't even think about it addict! I love your Mizis!
  5. I would NEVER!!!:lol: I LOVE them TOO much!:love:
  6. hahahahaaa..u guys are too cute...I didn't even get what LVaddict was trying to imply.....till I read your post LovethemAll......hahahha
  7. LV addict ...I am just wondering how much did you grab your vienna for??
  8. I PMed you.:biggrin:
  9. WELL, I can't blame them for being desperate for a Mizi..it is def. a gorgeous bag!
  10. very unique and classic....all this talk about mizi and its rarity is MAKING ME ALL EXCITED ABOUT My......*wink*
  11. After seeing those auctions I want to sell mine now...so many other things I would rather have...looks like I would make out ok!!!
  12. Mizi is gorgeous bag especially vienna one. Lv addict original 1 is very lucky gal.
    The fake one at eBay should be called Dizziyyyyyyyyy
  13. Thank you for the compliment and for making me LOL @ the Dizziy comment!!!:lol:
  14. You should do it :yes:

    Where were you about a month or so ago when I bought my Mizi ?:hrmm:
    I bought mine brand new. :oh: Oh well.

    I'm sure you could get a pretty penny for it.
  15. i love the mizi
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