Look how big my 2 fur babies are getting!

  1. Gosh is just seems like yesterday when I brought my Shih Tzu Chloe home! She is already going to be 1yr. next month:nuts: So, of course I had to show you how much Masai my baby girl boxer is growing too! Shes a whole 3 months now!:love: They are the best ever, and let me tell ya these two are inseperable!:yes:
    They are truely :heart: best buds forever. :heart:
    DSC04099.JPG DSC04103.JPG DSC04106.JPG DSC04107.JPG
  2. So cute! I love shih-tzus, they are sooo soft and floppy!
  3. O M G they are priceless!!!!!

    Wanna trade?!?! :graucho:
  4. Awwwwh they're so darling! I love the sweet Boxie's bandana :biggrin:
  5. Cute puppies!
  6. How cute can 2 doggies be??? They are off the charts! I just want to hug and kiss them. That's great that they get along well.:love:

    Thanks for sharing, ranskimmie!
  7. OMG what a cute pair!!
  8. They are just adorable and I'm sure that they must be much joy to your life. My brother has a boxer named Ali...my, they grow so quickly! Thanks for sharing such cute pics of your little ones.
  9. Shih Tzus rule!! :love: Your doggies are so cute together.
  10. I love how the ****zu in the first pic seems to say to the boxer "you trying to steal my thunder??"
  11. hahaha they are sooo cute!
  12. Great pictures. I love boxers.
  13. Your dogs are so adorable. It's great they are best chums. :heart:
  14. You're right! I looked again and that's prob. what she's thinking;) . I showed dh these pics--he loved them.

  15. That is soooooo true! That is exactly how she is to a 'T':yes: She knows she was always #1 and even though Chole is willing to share me, shes gonna be right there for some attention at ALL TIMES!:roflmfao: