LOOK HERE!! Got a chanel Classic!

  1. I bought my first Chanel bag today!!!

    I bought the Large Black Caviar classic w/silver hardware!! It is gorgeous. I can't stop hugging it! :love: :love:
    So for those who might have not read my previous post, I had a brand new ivory paddy and did not touch it for 2 months. I returned it today (finally!) and got myself a chanel.
    I returned the paddy at Bloomingdales, then looked at the chanel dept. The SA was sooooo rude. It wasn't like they were busy, I was the only one in the Chanel dept. I was telling her I love the lambskin but I would be afraid to wear it because of how sensitive the leather is. She said: "Well, then don't buy it" and put the bag back on the display shelf!!! THE NERVE OF HER!!! She said if the leather gets scratched, just wipe it. I wouldn't have bought any of the bags on display because they were all scratched and look "used"...:sick:
    She also told me the caviar is not really a classic becasue Coco Chanel never made it. Anyway, they didn't have the size I wanted, but it would have been 1750 for the large caviar aand 1615 for the Jumbo.

    So, I went over to Chanel Boutique. IT WAS HEAVEN! The SA was sooo nice. I told him I want the Caviar black in medium w/silver and in 2 minutes, a brand new one came out from the back. The whole transaction took 5 minutes. My PHH was with me and he loved the purse too! He encouraged me to get the silver vs. gold. I think my PHH has come a long way.....he was both patient and encouraging!

    Here are some pictures:
    The last one is the bag and my 7 month pregnant belly.
  2. YEA! I was totally supporting you on this exchange!
    Are you feeling it was the right move?

    You are ADORABLE, I LOVE pregnant tummies!
    Beautiful bag, congrats!
  3. wait:
    ?? that seems odd!
  4. Love it! Were you at the Chestnut Hill mall? By the by you are soo cute! Pregnant women are absolutley adorable! Congrats
  5. Sounds like you made a good decision, and looks like it, too! What a gorgeous bag, definitely a classic. It looks great on you :smile:
  6. So pretty! Cute belly, too!!:smile:
  7. You could not have chosen a better bag for your first chanel:love: What an elegant and classic bag!!! It looks great on your 7 month pregnant self!!!:yes: I'm just jealous that your hubby is so supportive!
  8. wow!!! you look great with the chanel. one day i will have a classic chanel bag too. and i def prefer the silver over gold hardware. your PHH has some good taste after all.
  9. Looks wonderful! I live in MA and always encounter rude s/a's in the accessories department of Bloomingdales. There are a couple of really nice ones but most are awful. When they had the 20% off event in April I tried to buy Chanel sunglasses and the s/a's were so rude I ended up doing charge-sends from other stores.
  10. Congrats on your new bag - I too dealt with a very rude SA the other day on the phone.
  11. Thank you Gals!

    It does feel great. Thanks for the support! I went throught a "weaning" period last week....then I did it!! I was totally ripping off the tag and I am wearing the bag around the house!! It was THE right move, and I owe it to your help!

    Thanks for saying my belly is cute, I am feeling anything but "cute". I feel fat and swollen. But, handbags cheer me up! :shame:

    Swanky- The SA explained the Jumbo only has one compartment (at least the one she showed me) it wasn't a double flap. So, the craftsmanship is a lot less then the large, small or baby. But I felt it was too big.
    Oh, did I mention The price at Chanel was cheaper?? It was 1670 after tax.

    NIkki- yes it was Bloomingdales at Chestnut Hill Mall.

    Final thought: My PHH said: "Now that you have your dream bag, does this mean YOU WILL STOP SPENDING HOURS AT THAT FORUM!?!?!?!?"
    Yeah .......right! :angel:
  12. I'm glad you got that bag! :smile: Its such a classic!
  13. Believe me, he is a true PURSE HATING HUSBAND. He thinks you only need one bag for work, and another for "going out". Color or designer doesn't matter! A bag from Target is just the same!! After all, it is made for carrying stuff!:P

    I had to do alot of educating and brainwashing. But I was shocked when I was looking at pics of this bag online, he walked by and said: "Is that a classic Chanel!?" Then I started obssessing and talking about it non-stop. I literally had to drag him out of the house to get him to come with me! :biggrin:

    He is into anything classic. He also told me that the black with gold hardware reminded him of his Mom:shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  14. AHHH! I absolute LOVE the 2.55's (I just purchased one myself recently). The bag is lovely~
  15. :lol: So I guess gold hardware was never an option huh??

    I like the idea of brainwashing...hhmmm......Maybe when hubby falls asleep I can play a tape that says 'chanel' and 'LV' and '$2k is not expensive for a bag' over and over all night!! Subliminal brainwashing!:idea: :graucho: