Look! Fresh Ink on my NEW Rouge VIF Box!

  1. Did that get your attention?! lol Here is my new Ink Purse and my new Rouge VIF Box, side by side...hence, "Ink on my Rouge" title. ha ha I love both so much. They are amazing! I never thought I'd be buying anything other than City bags. That's why you have to try new thing and be surprised! :yes:
    Ink 005 400x299.jpg Ink 002 400x299.jpg VIF 001 400x299.jpg
  2. I LOVE BOTH but I am lusting after your Ink Purse!!!!!! CONGRATS on 2 AMAZING bags!
  3. You little.....;)
    I totally expected to be consoling you when I opened this thread- instead I'm congratulating you on some STUNNING bags:yahoo:
  4. Gorgeous! I love them both.......great choices! Enjoy them.
  5. oooh yes, they are gorgeous!

    and i LOVE to make pretty bags look bigger in monitor LOL
  6. OH YEAH, love them all big like that! I'm so bad at the picture thing. I don't have patients. lol! Anyhow, I got the rouge from Aloha Rag and the Ink Purse from Barney's. So glad I could still get both of them so late in the game!
  7. wow, what Barneys??? didn't know purse OR ink was still laying around in stores.. would love to know where you got a hold of that ink purse!
  8. I think I picked up the last Ink Purse at Barneys. I know they still had the one at Cult Status last week, but a wonderful tpfer alerted me to the one in Barneys and I snatched it up! Cult Status sent me a pic of the Ink Purse, so PM me your email address and I'll send it to you if interested. :smile:
  9. Congrats!!!!! I love your ink purse!!!!!
  10. They're beautiful!! Congrats!:yes:
  11. No, no, no! Don't buy from CS. Someone just the other day posted that there was an ink purse somewhere in a US store. I will try to see if I can remember which thread and store. I hate to see you pay the CS premium and customs if you can get it stateside.
  12. I think these are two of the most beautiful colors ever made. Congrats on your late finds.
  13. That Ink Purse is TDF! Well done!
  14. Awwwwwwww! Glad to see your new Rouge safely!
  15. Well THANK YOU, to the ONE RESPONSIBLE for my beautiful find! :kiss: