Look for a new chanel purse!

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  1. Im looking to purchase a chanel purse, something that I can use everyday with all my outfits. And big enought to hold all my stuff. Any recommendation of which one, there are so many, and under $2000.00

    Thank you
  2. First of all. Are you looking to buy a new or pre loved? Are we talking US dollars or Canadian ones and just how much stuff are we talking about? :smile:

    There aren't many new bags under $2000, but perhaps a PST would fit the bill?
  3. PST or Paris Biarrate (sorry, not sure about spelling) might be best under 2000.00
  4. Yeah, how much stuff do you usually carry around? Whenever I go out, I just bring the essentials: ID, phone, cards, money, keys. All this stuff fits in my WOCs, I LOVE THEM & they are well under $2000.00 (USD) What I like most about them is that I can wear them messenger style, so my hands are free for anything, especially with DS learning to walk! :smile:
  5. for 2000usd, and large enough for everyday... i would buy a cambon tote large. i am actually thinking of getting one. i have the petit one already... need to upgrade the size!