Look for $1 charge on your cc

  1. Please check your cc statements for any unauthorized charges on your account, even if they are only for $1.

    My cc company called me to say a company called "Direct Marketing" charged my cc for $1 after I had just placed two orders on-line from secured websites of national retailers. The company had no known address, or any other information/description of the purchase, which threw up red flags to them...

    My cc co. said that the scammers were just checking the number to see if it worked and if it went through, the next day I would see many more charges for very large amounts.

    I think it happened by spyware being installed on my computer and them taking my number when I bought online. I was also on a wireless connection, (not protected) so that could have something to do w/it too. Update your anti-spyware, virus protection and secure your connection!!!

    I know we all do alot of online shopping on this forum and I wanted to warn my fellower pfers! :flowers:
  2. I know some companies charge $1 to check if the cc is right before processing your whole order.

    The $1 thing happened to me when I did one of those free bag programs.
  3. I know gas stations do this a lot too when you use your card to buy gas at one of those pay yourself pumps. When you first swipe your card before even pumping gas, they do a $1 or $2 charge to your card to make sure it is ok before letting you pump. The charge usually comes off within 1 or 2 days and most people don't even know this is done.
  4. apple does it when you get a replacement part shipped as part of your warranty. but they don't tell you that they are doing it.
  5. I ordered something from Saks.com and my CC company said that they put through a charge of $1.00 and it says "direct marketing". It usually comes off in a day or so once the actual charge is put through. As long as you actually ordered something, I wouldn't worry. I didn't know what that was either until I spoke to my CC.
  6. The cc company was concerned, so they closed our accounts and re-issued cards. They called it a "fishing" scam.

    If it is not that, I would rather error on the side of caution.

  7. same thing happened to me with Saks :confused1:
  8. thank you for the heads up

    those free bag programs caused my credit card to go into auto-fraud mode basically and the credit card company assumed it was fraud, canceled my card and issued me a new account number
  9. :yes: Yup that's the basic gist of it. What the gas station does is a pending transaction for 1 dollar. The reason they do that is because they don't actually know how much gas you are going to pump. 2-4 business days later a sales ticket comes into your bank for processing and the full amount replaces the 1 dollar pending transaction and turns into a posted amount.

    Similar things are done for restaurants, car rentals, and hotels. People get soooo confused when it comes to restaurants. Don't get me started on them. :yucky: