Look every one Violet First - pics

  1. Yayy, i got this picture from Kim today and my Violet First is here.:woohoo: Oh boy, now i have to cancel my order with BalParis.:sweatdrop: Enjoy the pic girls.:heart:
    dsc05356[2] (3).jpg dsc05356[2] (4).jpg
  2. :wtf:OMG, Nanaz!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Yeah, now you got it before your trip. Are you taking it with you? Perfect style for this color! YEAH!!!!:yahoo::wlae:
  3. LOVE!!!!!!

    I love anything and everything in Violet:p

  4. WOW!!!! Beautiful, love the leather! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. Wow that is so cute...:girlsigh:

    I am hoping Jaune will come shortly..
  6. so gorgeous what a great choice!
  7. unknown.jpg

    I hope you don't mind nanaz, but I am adding Aloha Rags pic.
  8. Congratulations Nanaz!!
  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHH! I am so in love! I have actually been dreaming about this bag forever..... Congratulations!
  10. YUMMY!!!!

    The leather absolutely DEVINE!!!!!!

  11. love the color. congrats!
  12. :drool: I love it! Congrats, Nanaz! Can't wait for modeling pics ;o)
  13. congrats! it is so pretty! enjoy her.
  14. Yay, nanaz!!! :woohoo:I'm so glad to hear that you'll soon have this baby shortly!!! It is beautiful! Congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. congratulations!! can't wait for pictures. :smile: