look diabro have new stock

  1. Oooooh, that paddington mini square is so cute! And I have never seen the Audra before. Thanks!
  2. yes there are a couple of nice little bags on there arent there.
  3. WOW - but they still don't have the Paddy dome capsule I have my eye on. I asked Bahrain if they do but I have yet to hear anything....
  4. I love the red classic paddy, tried it at NM, it's a very unique red like red lipstick.
  5. Love the paddington zip wallet in muscade but I have spent sooooo much on bags in a few weeks that I have to wait :crybaby:
  6. I love that vermillo paddy- is that the same color as the one on NM? The NM one looks redder to me...but maybe not. I love it though. Anyone order from them before- the bags are legit, etc? Any customs fees, etc? I think they don't take returns too, right so you need to sure before ordering?? Any info on the seller would be nice.

    i really like that blanc boston bag too, but truthfully it's just too big of a bag for me. I'm too short to carry it off I think....
  7. Oh my, I never noticed the dimensions are in cm not inches!! Sorry, guess the Boston bag's not as big as I thought! Should've realized a 37in bag is unlikely- that would be 3 feet wide...more like a body bag than a purse!
  8. ^^^
    that last post made me laugh.
    diabro are great ive heard, i havent ordered anything from them yet but know a few other girts on here have ordered from them on here. they dont take returns but have fast shipping and sell completely authentic items on there. everyone ive spoken to has always been pleased with the things they have bought from them.
  9. Oooooo a jeans moyen!
  10. How does a jeans moyen compare to the mouse?
  11. Happy I could provide a laugh...I had a good laugh at myself :roflmfao: Also, I saw your other post of the jeans moyen and thougt "wait til she sees this". AND it's cheaper!! I was just about to post to you about it... You should buy it.... Nice color, and great price...
  12. yes its a very good price to!!!
    im considering buying it, i have just sold my mousse so this will be its replacement!
    im watching a jeans moyen on eBay at the minute which is a bit more cheaper!!
  13. the mousse is like a dark grey colour with silver hardware, its a nice colour but i have just sold mine.
    the jeans moyen is baby blue in colour with brass hardware which i prefer,
    i have just sold my mousse to make way for a jeans moyen!
  14. I like mousse but I like jeans moyen better. Unqiue color....