Look.....Cute Vintage Tees

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  1. What do you think of these cute vintage tees from Target? They're $9.99, I bought 6 of them - pics below. They look cute and people always ask me where I get my shirts from and they can't believe it's from Target. I wear them with jeans, flats, and my favorite LV and Coach bags.
  2. Here's the rest of the photos in case the pics got cut off.

  3. [​IMG]
  4. very cute :tup:
  5. these t's are so cute! I love target for stuff like this.....and libertine, and the new alice temperley line that's coming!
  6. I like them, very cute with jeans.
  7. I got the orange one with the turtle. It's adorable and the material seems to be of decent quality too. But I have to go back for the one with the girl and boy on it!!
  8. omg...those are sooooo cute :drool: I want some too.
  9. Cute!! I love Target for cute tees and flats.
  10. I wear these Target ts all the time.
    I love their vintage line!
  11. just came from target an hour ago. got myself a vintage carebear tee and a grey tee with a recycling symol on it. love it =)
  12. So cute! Are these sold anywhere online or only in Target stores? TIA :smile:
  13. I love the first tee! I MUST HAVE IT!! Do they run true to size?
  14. OMG..I love them...I have to get some..