Look! Brown pastilles!

  1. I found it 5 min ago on vuitton.com It is not listed under key holder section yet. :yes:
  2. Love it:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  3. I think I like the brown pastilles better than the multicolor. Multicolor is a bit too loud for my taste.
  4. beautifull!!! i love them much better than multicolor
  5. Those are so pretty :love:
  6. Omg they are like little chocolate drops...i think i wanna get them :smile:
  7. cute !
  8. Lovely! I must have.
  9. Very nice...I'd love one of those!
  10. So cute!
  11. Looks like candy, delicious ! :yes:
  12. Yummy! I wish they did a silver/brown version for my moka speedy.
  13. soooo cuteee
  14. Reminds me of brown M&M's! Yummy! :smile:
  15. i'm really going to need that scarf.
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