look book question

  1. do different department stores have different look books? ... ... for example, i've seen the Nordstrom look book. if i ask NM or Saks SA, and look at their look books, would i find other bags/ colors that i havent seen in the Nordstrom one?
    thanks in advance!
  2. Normally you'll see different color/size combinations at other stores. So if you are looking for a color or size that the Chanel boutiques didn't order you would need to call all of the department stores that carry Chanel until you find the color/size you wanted.

    However, we have learned that even in all of the U.S. they don't order everything that is available from Chanel Paris. As an example, none of the U.S. department stores or boutiques order the dark brown metallic 2.55 in any size, and some were lucky enough to find/order them from Chanel Canada.
  3. lookbooks specifically though. . .
    Mon, do you know if they all receive the same ones?
    Having looked at them at a few different stores, it seems to me like that they all have the same and there's a quantity ordered under all the photos denoting if that store picked them up or not.
  4. that makes sense. i've only seen one (new to this phenomenon of waitlists/ trunk shows... ) look book. so i didnt know if they were all different...
    thank you mama!