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  1. hahaha anyone else a fan of that chubby panda?? :biggrin: anyway..

    Hello LC lovers!
    as promised, here is a story of the beautifuly modified flowery MSH :smile:


    tbh I don't like longchamp at all, at first.. I mean, omg, this bag is EVERYWHERE!
    I used to live in Germany and this bag is all over the place... And then i started to travel a lot..
    I used to carry a Hello Kitty travel bag. This bag weight almost 1kg empty... but, a girl loves HK, so... :biggrin: (I can not find any picture online, as it was an older version, i bought it back in 2007 or 2008.. but this one looks similar, without the stroller, with an adjustable strap.)[​IMG]

    One day i travelled with a friend from another city. Like me, she carried a luggage and a travel bag too. The different is, after we arrived at the hotel and put away our stuffs, she then took her folded MSH and carry only the essentials, mean while I carry this big and heavy kitty... It was a short holiday, thank God, but taught me a lot about travelling..
    Later i found out that she is a HUGE LC fans.. Back then LC didn't offer that much of variety, as much as i know, unlike today. CMIIW, but LC only offers a variety in colors in Le Pliage model. And that is what she collected; MSH mostly in seasonal color (or back then limited edition)..

    And because of her, i started to look for a LC MSH too.. Because this bag is handy and light, foldable.
    It's not that I don't have any other handbag.. But they're mostly leather bag from local designer; not fodable and deffinitely not that light.
    So, as much as i didn't like LC, but when you carry that much of things in your bag like i did back then, then MSH it is..
    I don't know any LC Store in my city, so online store here i come. Normally i'm a huge fan of white colored handbag. But this beige was on sale, so beige MSH it is. Bought it in 2009 for 50 Euro. Later, i found out that there is a small store at the airport.. And is cost the same... so much for sale :biggrin:

    And since then, it went almost everywhere with me.. across Europe, Middle East, Asia..
    And this extensive usage was a little bit too much for my beige.. As shown in the image below, it started to show some bubbles and holes on the bottom edges.. it turned so ugly i had to put it away.. ;(

    An inspiration come one day, after looking for some variety of textiles.. There is a lace called Prada lace because it's a 3D lace. I'm not an expert in textile, they say it's because the motive on that lace is emboss-like-flower, that's why it's called 3d-lace. So couple of days later i went to a textile shop and bought 0,5m lace. I don't need much, and this lace is pretty costly. I was lucky because it was a new material in that store, so i got the part that isn't covered with lace that i can use for the top part of the bag. I stitched it in the top lining of the bag, that way i didn't create a new holes.
    It's not that neat of stitches, i know, but served the purpose to cover the bubbles and holes and give the MSH a sort of protection plus a new look :cool:


    And with the leftover material, i stil manage to cover my old Esprit leather shoes :smile:

    But, every encounter has an ending... :sad:
    i can not use this bag anymore because the handle has a small crack... and the inner layer started to fall apart too.... I was thinking to buy a new replacement, but...... just can't...
    This MSH stayed as the bag with the most adventures. :noworry:

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  2. What a great story, thank you for sharing! I had no idea you had used a solid piece of fabric on the bag. It reminds me of some of the bags out lately, with flowers and other things attached to the outside. i have a nylon bag from that same time period and it eventually bubbled too--none of my other bags have so i don't know if that was a problem specific to that timeframe. Maybe I'll try to do something creative with it like you did, because otherwise it's in great shape. You're very crafty!
  3. Omg. I love that. I think I'll make a tote with all flowers as a feminine cousin to my travel patches bag.
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  4. Fascinating story. TY for sharing. :smile:
  5. Thanks for sharing a great story, and your lovely, unique LC LP!!! Such a creative idea!!!
  6. whew, i wrote this in such a hurry, there are so many grammatical and spelling mistakes.. I'm sorry.. (where's that edit button??? grrrr...:annoyed:)

    Thank you beautiful ladies, glad you like it :smile:
    Yes! go try and be crafty, surprise yourself! :biggrin:
    This is the first example of prada-lace that i saw on instagram, and i was like, OMG, i have to buy this!! I can finally fix my MSH!!!
    beautiful, right?? 2 tone lace :smile:


    My aunt laughed at that bag and say "it's more lace than a bag".. hahahaha :biggrin:
    but my newly clothed MSH still have our short adventures nonetheless :smile:
    Funny right, i used to hate LC.. i saw them almost everywhere i go.. the old secretary at the museum where i used to work carried black MLH, in subway i saw teens carried colorful SSH, later as a fresh-grad i saw career women carried their MSH.. I checked on the price, and thought how pricey for a bag that only 10% leather and 90% fabric.. and look how i took care of that bag now :biggrin::P furthermore, my MSH got its siblings :biggrin: funnier life...

    You know, being marriage and being a housewife teach me a lot.
    When i was still working, i could spent money just like that, thinking to myself, well, i earned it, i can spent it as a reward for myself.. And now being a stay-at-home wife, spending someone else's hard earned money is not that easy... hence the effort to minimalize every expenses, including this bag.. :biggrin:
  7. thank you :smile:
    Yes, yes, you should!
    It would make a great eye-catcher as a big plus, not just giving it a sort of protective layer.. :smile:

    like i said before, after a new 'clothe', a plain le pliage looks suddenly,..., well, plain :biggrin: :P
  8. I love the idea :heart:
  9. I love the floral mesh overlay!
    I have an LC project in mind but I am waiting for a cheap LC travel bag as I'm scared I might ruin the bag in the process.
  10. Thanks :smile:
    That was my concern too at first, that i might adding more holes and thus ruining it even more..
    That's why I think a lace is perfect, because it's light weight, but somehow still cute :biggrin:
    And i only stitches it along the zipper-line, that way i don't create new holes, and I also skipped the leather part.
    I just stitched it lightly with the thought if it gets dirty i can easily take the lace-cover off and wash it, leaving the bag intact :smile:

  11. Brilliant idea and your bag looks wonderful!
  12. Wow, this looks super-cool!
    You shoul offer these bags on etsy
  13. What an excellent idea to jazz up an LC. It looks truly beautiful and a work of art. You're so creative!
  14. Beautiful! What a great idea! Now your bag is unique.:heart:
  15. Thank you ladies

    @Stansy nice thought, but i dont think i can offer it anywhere though.. i'm not a tailor.. see my stitches? Hehe

    Just giving an inspiration how to 'decorate' a plain le pliage

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