Look at what this is going for!!!

  1. What the. . . . . . . .
  2. Uhhhh.....??
  3. For a beauty case?!?!?
  4. :shocked:
  5. R u serious
  6. :amazed:
  7. Maybe I should list some things on eBay!
  8. Well, I think someone has been playing on eBay. If you notice, the jump is from $33 to $250 to $255.

    I am not sure this is shilling, but I would certainly be surprised if the person actually gets that $255.
  9. That's just crazy, I can't believe people want it that bad!
  10. wow..the seller is really lucky!!! that's insane for a beauty case!
  11. wow.. thats crazy I wouldn't pay that much for it!!
  12. I agree. That is a very weird jump.
  13. the auction doesn't seem real...all the bidders look the same
  14. where are all these people willing to spend money when I have things on ebay... NUTS